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Ancient mythology

Our ancient mythology says god is the supreme soul of the entire universe. The Whole universe is believed on faith. Our world is rich by collection of tradition and culture. There are so many stories which preach about spiritual and enhancement of the inner knowledge of humans. In such two kinds of stories are Jesus and Buddha. Both god’s messengers preach about spiritual. We humans are greedy, lavish and anger. They sow a seed of knowledge. Erupted ashes in our heart bought us from darkness to light.

What we have to do? We should always think positive. Donate some of our fortune to poor. We should listen other’s grievance and help them with an appropriate solution. We have to think broaden share our knowledge with others.

What we don’t do? We should not think negative. We should not go greedy. We should not be lavish. Controlling the anger is greater part of it is one letter short danger so we should not take anger. We should not be selfish.

The eternal fact of life is we should enlarge our knowledge by thinking good and doing well, Finally god is immortal.

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